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These Bathroom Design Tricks Will Actually Make Your Bathroom Look Cleaner

That’s right you can do the happy dance! It’s ok! Sticking with these bathroom design ideas may save you a lot of scrubbing. By Lauren Phillips

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The right bathroom design ideas can completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom. They can even change the way the space is used, such as when a shower-tub combo becomes a shower stall or storage is converted into one of many trendy bathroom shelf ideas. And just like certain bathroom designs, like floating bathroom vanities, can make a bathroom look larger, the right tile selections can actually make a bathroom look cleaner. Part of figuring out how to clean a bathroom is knowing that most surfaces need to be cleaned even if they don’t look dirty, so following these design ideas won’t eliminate bathroom cleaning completely, but they can mean less visible dirt—and less scrubbing every time guests come over. These bathroom tile tips—which can be applied to floor, wall, or bathroom backsplash ideas—came from the design pros at Block, a New York–based company reimagining the bathroom renovation process. With them, you may never have to agonize over the how clean the bathroom looks (no matter how clean you know it is) again. One option is to use larger floor tiles, or larger tiles all over the bathroom (sorry, penny tile fans). The tiles’ larger surface area means there are fewer tiles and—this is key—less exposed grout between the tiles. Stained or aging grout is often the primary culprit in bathrooms that don’t look as clean as they should, so reducing how much is visible can partially fix the problem. Plus, larger tiles can also create the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. The other option (though the two aren’t mutually exclusive) is to give the whole bathroom a fresher, cleaner look by reducing the visual noise. Contrasting grout is a timeless look, sure, but it can also call attention to the edges of the tiles, which aren’t always the cleanest. Try using matching grout for a cleaner, sleeker look—Block’s designers say it makes for a more visually pleasing bathroom aesthetic, too. So there you have it—maybe the key to a cleaner bathroom isn’t more scrubbing, after all. Let us know your ideas and tips by leaving a comment below. And as always SweeneySells is here to help if you’d like advice on your bathroom makeover or need help buying or selling your next home! We can find the perfect bathroom for you that requires the least amount of scrubbing possible. 😉

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